Bringing communities in India together through baseball.

Our Mission

Grand Slam Baseball is a grassroots initiative that organizes local, national, and international baseball tournaments while providing coaching and access to equipment in private and public schools in order to develop baseball talent at the youth level. 

  • Raise awareness of the sport in schools, colleges, neighbourhoods and parks across India
  • Unearth India's enormous athletic potential
  • Develop meaningful work and play opportunities for Indian athletes at home & abroad
  • Install India’s first true baseball field to serve as a hub for the sport’s national development
  • Create an authentic baseball experience for every spectator and player
  • Establish India’s flagship youth and adult baseball leagues
  • Empower local youths from every background by cultivating valuable mental, physical and intercultural skills in all baseball activity
  • Forge strong bonds between local and foreign individuals & communities through sport
  • To highlight the cultural relevance of baseball and its inextricable cultural, emotional and physical links to cricket
  • Organize India’s coaches, umpires and players and streamline tournament planning for continued nationwide growth

Who We Are

Grand Slam Baseball is comprised of a dedicated team of locals, expats and overseas supporters committed to bringing quality organized baseball to all parts of India. Founded in 2013 by Delhi residents Jackson Golden and Raunaq Sahni, GSB has since caught the attention of NBC Sports in the US, Times of India, many sports equipment manufacturers and a number of professional and amateur baseball organizations across the globe. By uniting new and existing Indian baseball organizations under one national platform, we are quickly turning the eyes of the world on India's incredible athletic ability and potential for growth.


Across more than 16 of the top schools in Delhi/NCR and Mumbai, Grand Slam Baseball operates youth leagues and training programs that offer the complete baseball experience. With leagues for all ages, regional tournaments and international competition, there's never been a better time to bring baseball to your school. Contact us to organize free coaching and games to build awareness and excitement for baseball on your campus.

A ‘Home Run’ for Baseball in India
— India Today
Grand Slam Baseball allows our students to interact with young Indian athletes on a personal level and create meaningful bonds between local and expatriate cultures.
— American Embassy School Baseball